Masonry Services

Our highly skilled craftsmen can handle any size masonry project!

We offer full masonry construction services for residential, commercial and municipal customers in the greater Boston area. Whether you’re looking for custom masonry installation, or have an existing stonework structure that needs improvement or repair, our team can bring your next masonry project to life!

Brick Mortar Repointing

Over time, mortar between bricks can fall apart and decay, allowing water to enter through these voids. Brick and stone repointing is the process of removing the old mortar and replacing it, renewing the elegant look of your structure and preventing significant damage to your property down the road.

Stair & Walkway Restoration

Not only do steps and walkways have to withstand daily exposure to natural elements, but they also endure heavy foot traffic, over time leading to aging and structurally unsound construction. Whether it’s concrete, brick, or stone, you can trust our expert masonry team to restore the beauty and functionality of your stairs or walkway.

Concrete Leveling & Repair

Over time, weather conditions as well as general wear and tear can create cracks in concrete surfaces that will expand in size and severity if left unrepaired. Not only are these uneven, crumbling, or sinking surfaces unsightly, but they can also be a dangerous tripping hazard.

Thoreau Landscape has the experience and knowledge to renovate your concrete patios, walkways, and other surfaces to their original beauty and safety.

Stone Veneer Service

Looking to improve the appearance of your front steps or a retaining wall without the cost and burden of completely replacing them? Stone veneer panels are a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to achieving the beautiful look and feel of natural stone. From the different styles and textures, to the colors and mortar, the options for a stunning new stone structure are endless.

For masonry installation or repair services, call today!