Hardscape Services

We can handle any hardscaping project!

Adding a large variety of plants and flowers is a great way to make your yard colorful and beautiful, but you can take your yard to the next level with hardscaping services from Thoreau Landscape Company. From concrete pavers to brick or tile, we’ll use your choice of material to build a new custom feature on your property. 

Stone Patios and Walkways

Thoreau Landscape can implement a beautiful and functional hardscape for your front or backyard. We’ll create a design using materials that best compliment your landscape and our experienced installers will put the ideas into motion. We know the difference an appealing landscape can make on your property and we’ll help you achieve the best possible result.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a beneficial landscaping feature that hold back the soil on steep slopes, reducing erosion, improving drainage, and creating additional level space in your yard. Retaining walls can be made from a variety of materials including concrete, wood, and stone and are a beautiful compliment to your property.

Permeable Driveways & Patios

If you’re considering installing a new patio, walkway, or driveway, permeable pavers are a great benefit to both your property and the environment, and have become increasingly popular for homeowners and developers.

Not only are they an attractive and durable solution, Permeable Pavers handle stormwater and snow runoff more efficiently than concrete, increasing ground water and reducing sewer runoff, flooding, and water pollution. States and municipalities are increasingly offering incentives to residential and commercial properties for sustainable design practices.

Water Features

landscape water feature is the perfect way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your outdoor living space. Whether the feature is a focal point in your landscape or simply a complementary piece, a well-designed water feature can increase the appeal of your property and create a relaxing backyard oasis for your family to enjoy.

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