Softscape Services

Breathe new life into your yard!

Every project is unique and one of a kind, and we work collaboratively with our clients on choosing the best trees, shrubs, and flowers for your property. 

There’s no reason to compromise when it comes to your landscape design. Work with Thoreau Landscape Company and put 20 years of experience to work redesigning your yard. We don’t just install new plants – we can also update your property with hardscaping or water features to make your yard an impressive work of art.

Sod Lawn Installation

Sod is the easiest way to establish a brand new lawn or fix a small damaged area of land without the long and tedious process of sowing seed and waiting for the grass to grow. Sod grass comes in rolls with roots and a thin layer of soil and is simply rolled out to create a beautiful lawn in no time at all!

Sod can also help prevent flooding, stabilize the soil in your yard, and reduce ground erosion.

Spot Seeding

Does your lawn have thin, bare patches or areas of dead grass? Rejuvenate your lawn with our Spot Seeding services. We’ll prep the soil that needs repair, choose the correct seed blend for your lawn, and apply the seed so that oveer time you’ll have thicker, greener grass.

Tree and Shrub Installation

The most beautiful landscapes look natural, but are actually the results of careful planning and design, as well as proper placement and planting practices. 

We specialize in selecting the finest trees, shrubs and perennial plants to enhance the beauty and value of your land.

Spring/Fall Yard Cleanup

Clearing a yard full of leaves and debris can be a time consuming and daunting task for home and business owners.

After the Spring and Fall seasons, choose Thoreau Landscape Company to make your landscape beautiful and healthy again. From disposing of fallen leaves and branches to getting rid of weeds, replacing mulch,  and cutting back perennials and shrubs, we’ll have your property looking clean and neat again without having to lift a finger.

Learn how we can make your yard an impressive work of art!